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Inverter Automatic Submerged arc welding machine
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Product Description

► All the important parts like IGBT, diode, integrated circuit, relay, current and voltage regulator are world famous brand which have high reliability;
► Soft switch technology, improve the IGBT and it`s reliability;
► 100%(40℃)duty cycle, it is suitable for long time, heavy load, high temperature and bad circumstances;
► Constant voltage and current output, muti-function power source, suitable for electro-slag welding, carbon arc-gouging, submerged arc welding machine with thin wire (constant voltage),submerged arc welding machine with thick wire (constant current), etc;
► Convenient operation: the machine will stop automatically if the wire contact with the workpiece during the arc striking;
► Excellent performance of the system, nearly 100% striking arc successful rate, nice weld appearance;
► Low input capacity, small volume, little weight, energy saving and high efficiency.
Main Parameters:

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