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Automatic Control Electrode Oven Precautions

A. For the automatic control far-infrared electrode oven, install the far-infrared radiating element in the chamber of the drying box, use the insulation material on the shell. In order to facilitate access to the welding rod, each layer with stainless steel drawer.

B. The storage box is designed for the storage of dry electrodes, the same heating with far infrared components. It is controlled by an independent electrical part, automatically thermostat.
C. Temperature automatic control system is made of digital temperature controller, digital delay relay, buzzer and other components. When the temperature inside the chamber reaches the set temperature, it will automatically turn on the drying process, until the set time, and then turn on the buzzer and the end indicator.
D. Temperature detection components using K-type thermocouple, different models have different electrode capacity.
Automatic Control Far-infrared Electrode Oven
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