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The Cooling Way of Gas Welding Torch

The cooling way of gas welding torch can be divided into air-cooled and water-cooled, air-cooled torch is usually light weight, small and solid, and less expensive than water-cooled torches, but it is generally limited to welding currents up to about 125 amps.

So it is generally used in welding thin plate and low usage, and its operating temperature is higher than in water-cooled torch. Water cooling torch cooling water system consists of water tank, water pump and cooling water pipe and water pressure switch. The cooling water in the water tank flows through the cooling water pipe through the water pump, flows into the welding gun through the water pressure switch, then flows back into the water tank through the cooling water pipe, forms the cooling water circulation. The role of the water pressure switch is to ensure that when the cooling water is not flowing through the welding gun, the welding system can not start welding to protect the welding torch, to avoid burning without being burned.
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