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Advantages of submerged arc welding machine

 (1) High productivity. The length of the submerged arc welding machine wire (the length of the wire from the end of the contact tip to the end of the arc) is much shorter than that of the manual arc welding. Generally, it is about 50mm, and it is an optical wire. It does not cause the current of the electrode to increase the current. With the red problem, you can use larger currents (5-10 times larger than manual welding). Therefore, the penetration depth is large and the productivity is high.

(2) High weld quality. The weld pool protection is relatively perfect and there are few impurities in the weld metal. As long as the welding process is properly selected, stable and high-quality weld seams can be obtained easily.
(3) The working conditions are good. China submerged arc welding in addition to lightening the labor intensity of manual operations, arc arcs are buried under the flux layer and there is no arc radiation, and the working conditions are good.
 submerged arc welding machine
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