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Working Concept Of Plasma Arc Welding Machine

 We strive to offer the best range of Plasma Arc Welding Machine, accessories and consumables in China and back up everything we sell.

The procedure operates by ionizing gas. when gas becomes ionized it may run electricity.The gasoline is used to transport an electrical arc into the bit of task being welded.The gas may be argon and a secondary gas helium which protect arc weld puddle. 
Plasma Welding Machine is procedure through which a coalescence is produced by the warmth that's developed from a particular setup between a tungsten alloy electrode and the water cooled nozzle (Non transferred ARC ) or involving a tungsten alloy electrode along with the job.
Hebei Machinery Is a business leader with expertise in all elements of precision welding automation. Our engineering team has designed and set up automatic welding systems internationally which are famous for their precision and dependability. 
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Plasma Arc Welding Machine
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