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Do You Understand Water-cooled Welding Torch?

 Weld operators who work in a weld shop and weld higher temperatures normally prefer to use a Water-cooled Welding Torch. A water-cooled torch utilizes liquid effluent pumped through plastic tube to maintain the TIG torch cool as the weld operator welds.

Water-cooled TIG torches are fairly durable. The quick-cooling features permit the welding operator to maneuver the flashlight better round the components being welded since they use a smaller gauge cable.

Generally, the water-cooled TIG torch is a smaller TIG torch and easier to control and utilize in tight, little areas. Water-cooled TIG torches are excellent for use with greater amp class machines (those previously 250A) for their quick cooling ability.

Water-cooled TIG torches are used when you intend to use it for extended duty cycle instances like for AC welding or high-amp DC welding. The China Air-cooled Welding Torch feature retains the heat so that you may utilize it for longer periods of time before needing to stop and cool the flashlight down. This is useful for welding jobs which use heavy materials.

We can also supply all kinds of Plasma Welding Machine, Plasma ARC Welding Torch, etc. If you want to know the more details, please call us at any time.

Water-cooled Welding Torch

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