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How To Use The Electrode Holder?

An Electrode Holder, commonly known as a stinger, is a clamping device for holding the electrode firmly in almost any position. The welding cable attaches to the holder during the hollow insulated grip. The plan of the electrode holder enables quick and effortless electrode exchange. Two general kinds of electrode holders have been in use: insulated and noninsulated. The noninsulated holders aren't recommended as they're subject to casual short circuiting if bumped from the job - piece throughout welding. For security reasons, attempt to make sure the use of just insulated stingers on the jobsite.

Electrode holders are made in different sizes, and Electrode Holder Manufacturer have their own system of designation. Each holder is designed for use within a specified range of electrode diameters and welding current. You require a larger holder when welding with a machine having a 300-ampere rating than when welding with a 100-ampere machine. If the holder is too small, it will overheat.

The use of a good Earth Clamp is also essential to producing quality welds. Welcome to call us at any time.

Electrode Holder

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