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What Is Flame Cutting Machine?

As one of the Welding Holder Suppliers, let us introduce you to the flame cutting machine. The flame cutting machine is a cutting device that cuts metal materials by using gas with oxygen or gasoline with oxygen. Mainly used in heavy industry.

CNC flame cutting machine is the earliest and best CNC cutting equipment. The introduction of numerical control technology into flame cutting realizes the automation of the whole cutting process, significantly improves the cutting quality of the steel plate blanking (size and cut quality, can replace part of machining), high production efficiency (continuous cutting, multi-gun cutting) and High material utilization rate (set cutting).
Scope of application: For CNC cutting machines, including Gas, Machine, Flame, Plasma, Laser and Waterjet and Gas Cutting Machine.It is used for drawing, programming, nesting, calibration and CNC cutting of any shape parts. Improve the rate of steel casing, effectively save steel; improve the efficiency of programming, nesting and cutting, and effectively improve the efficiency of cutting production.
Mainly divided into early manual cutting (commonly known as oxygen welding) and semi-automatic cutting machine, copy cutting machine and CNC cutting machine, with the advancement of society and the development of technology, more and more advanced, cutting function is also more and more powerful.
The basic model structure mainly includes: manual; profile cutting machine, portable CNC cutting machine, cantilever type CNC cutting machine, gantry CNC cutting machine, desktop CNC cutting machine and intersecting line CNC cutting machine specially used for intersecting wire cutting of steel pipes. The above structures can be cut by flame cutting.
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