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Comparison Of Pneumatic Tools And Electronic Tools 1

Since pneumatic tools are generally used as carrying tools and are required to be small and lightweight, this object has been achieved by rationalizing the structure, shape, high-precision machining, strict material selection, and strict heat treatment. Therefore, it is more convenient to use and more powerful, and has many advantages that electronic tools do not have. As one of the Gas Cutting Machine Manufacturers, we believe that pneumatic tools have the following advantages compared to electronic tools.
 I. Working ability
(a). Both offer a variety of different ways of working, such as: rotation, reciprocation, swing, impact, etc.
(b). Speed ​​adjustment and output power adjustment are simple. The operation of the supply valve handle and the adjustment of the regulating valve can be carried out very simply.
(c). Pneumatic tools offer a wider range of options over the range of speeds, from 100 rpm to 70,000 rpm.
(d). The output power is large in terms of weight to volume. In the case of the same output power, it is small and lightweight compared to electronic tools.
Plasma Welding Machine
(e). No heat and overload failure. Pneumatic tools are more suitable for long-term work without heat generation, and even if the compressed air engine is overloaded, the tool simply stops rotating. Once the overload phenomenon is removed, it resumes normal operation and has no effect on the tool. Any failure will occur.
(f). In terms of reciprocating motion, pneumatic tools use piston motion, while electronic tools are converted by cams. In contrast, pneumatic tools have advantages.
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