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The Role Of Auto-darkening Welding Helmet

As a Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer, let's introduce Auto-darkening Welding Helmet.
China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet is a relatively advanced welding cap that uses advanced light detection technology and a new welding cap for liquid crystal technology. It consists of automatic dimming screen, side window and helmet. The working principle is that the photoelectric sensor circuit inside the mask detects the light generated during welding (mainly infrared or ultraviolet), and after amplification, triggers the liquid crystal control circuit, and according to The preset light transmittance applies a corresponding driving signal to the liquid crystal (transmissive TN liquid crystal) of the electric welding cap.
China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet
The emergence of China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet has made it possible for companies to improve welding quality and increase efficiency. Higher welding quality, welding efficiency, and welder's professional satisfaction will have a positive impact on the company's market competitiveness.
When choosing body protection products such as China Welding Headband, you must first understand the advantages and disadvantages of various types of electric welding protection products, and choose the safety protection products that are really suitable for the working environment. Only in this way can you better protect yourself in the welding operation.
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