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What are the Causes of Cracks in Welding?

When aluminum and its alloys are welded, the common cracks are mainly longitudinal cracks in the weld, transverse cracks, and arcing (fire) cracks. The coefficient of linear expansion of aluminum alloy is about 2 times larger than that of steel. It is easy to produce large welding stress when welding under restraint conditions, which is one of the reasons for the tendency of aluminum alloy to have large crack. China Welding Kit Supplier tells you what are the causes of welding cracks! details as follows:
1. improper selection of welding wire
2. The current is too large, and the alloying elements burn more.
3. Stress concentration
4. Improper arcing method
5. The welding sequence is wrong.
6. Aluminum heat dissipation is fast, short holding time
Plasma Welding Machine
Plasma Welding Machine
Prevention method:
1. Can be properly warmed up
2. Choose a reasonable welding sequence and welding specifications
3. Change the arc extinction method and position
4. Prevent over-burning (aluminum over-burning becomes brittle)
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