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Welding Labor Protection Measures Knowledge

In order to prevent harm to human body caused by harmful gases, welding fumes, arcs and other human injury caused by other safety hazards, it is necessary to wear and use labor protection articles in various welding and cutting. China welding helmet supplier here introduce you to welding protection.

Labor protection articles is to protect the workers in the process of labor safety and health needs, indispensable personal preventive products, including protective mask, welding filter, welding goggles, dust masks, gas masks and protective gear noise, helmets, safety belts, protective clothing, welding gloves, work shoes and shoe cover, etc., mainly introduces the welding protective mask today.
Welding safety mask:
A mask with a suitable filter to protect the eyes and face during welding. Welding protective masks can be divided into hand-held, head-mounted and helmet-and-mask combinations. The protective mask must be made of opaque material that is resistant to high and low temperature, corrosion, moisture, flame retardant and has a certain strength. The surface of the mask is smooth and free from defects such as layers, bubbles and light transmission.

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