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Precautions When Using Welding And Cutting Equipment

Generally, when welding and cutting operations are performed in basements, tunnels, metal containers, and relatively closed places, due to air circulation, inaccessibility, inadequate light, inadequate space, inconvenient activities and other special factors, welding and cutting Accidents are prone and rescue is not easy. Therefore, Plasma Welding Machine Suppliers remind everyone that the following safety measures must be strictly taken.
1. Before work, you must carefully and carefully investigate the situation inside and outside the work site. You must check whether outdoor buildings or other structures have an effect on indoor thermal welding and cutting, and whether there are flammable and explosive substances in the room. Sampling and analysis of the indoor gas and confirming safety before entering indoor operation.
2. Welders shall not perform welding or cutting when they do not know whether the interior of the weldment is safe. Various containers containing flammable gases, flammable liquids and toxic substances are not allowed to be welded or cut until the danger is eliminated without thorough cleaning.
3. Combustible materials can be used as insulation layer, cooling layer, parts of thermal insulation equipment, or places where Mars splashes. Welding and cutting are not allowed until reliable safety measures are taken.

4. The acetylene generator, oxygen cylinder, and electric welding machine are not allowed to be placed in the room for hot welding and cutting. It is necessary to carefully check whether the oxygen-acetylene pipeline and the welding and cutting torch are leaking, and to prevent the explosion accident caused by the accumulation of oxygen-acetylene gas in the room. When the welding and cutting are suspended, the oxygen-acetylene pipeline and the welding and cutting torch should be taken out. And open all doors, windows or valves to maintain air circulation as much as possible, and mechanical ventilation if necessary.
5. When welding and cutting equipment is used for electric welding operations, the welding and cutting fields need to be kept dry. Strictly check whether the insulation protection equipment meets safety requirements. When working in a metal container, the welder is not allowed to touch the metal container with the head, back, or other parts without insulation. All lighting equipment uses low-voltage lighting.
6. It is forbidden to pass oxygen into the room to adjust the air in the operating place.
Electric welding is not just sparks, it is very likely to endanger the safety of life and property. Everyone must work safely and operate according to chapters and must hold a certificate to work!
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