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The Main Characteristics and Application Occasions of Plasma Arc WeldingⅡ

Metal materials for plasma arc welding
1. Plasma arc welding can be used for all materials that can be welded by argon arc welding, such as: carbon steel, heat-resistant steel, mold steel, Monel alloy, Kovar alloy, titanium alloy, copper alloy, aluminum alloy, magnesium alloy, etc.
2. Except for aluminum, magnesium and its alloys, the other materials can be welded by DC forward connection. Aluminum, magnesium and its alloys are welded by alternating current (preferably using pulse changing poles) or DC reverse connection (only for thin plates).
3. Common defects of plasma arc welding are mainly ① undercut. ② Stomata.

Where plasma arc welding is a priority

In plasma arc welding, the small hole method can only be used for automatic operation, and the penetration method can be used for manual operation and automatic operation.
1. The best current range of manual penetration penetration plasma solitary welding is 0.1 ~ 50A. When the current exceeds 50A, it is more economical to use argon solitary welding!
2. Manual plasma arc welding is particularly suitable for welding processes that need to repeatedly ignite the arc but cannot accurately control the arc length, such as welding mesh.
3. The penetration welding method is also widely used in automatic operation welding, especially micro-beam plasma arc welding of small precision components, such as medical components, optical instrument components, precision instrument components, capsules and bellows.
4. Welding ultra-thin parts (less than 0.2mm).
5. Welding is the easiest way to achieve single-sided welding and double-sided forming, that is, the small hole method, and the general welding thickness is: 1.6 ~ 9mm.
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