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Principles, Advantages and Disadvantages of Tungsten Argon Arc WeldingⅠ

Tungsten arc welding is a type of arc welding method that uses argon or argon-rich gas for protection and uses tungsten electrode as an electrode, referred to as GTAW or TIG.
During welding, shielding gas is continuously sprayed from the nozzle of the welding torch, covering the periphery of the welding zone composed of arc, molten pool, tungsten electrode and filled welding wire, forming a local gas protective layer, effectively isolating air from the welding zone; welding wire The front edge of the molten pool conveyed by manual or wire feeder and melted under the arc heat. The molten welding wire metal flows into the molten pool through the front wall of the molten pool. After the arc moves forward, the molten pool crystallizes to form a weld, as shown Show. The welding process of this type of welding method has good stability and easy to obtain good quality welds.

Compared with other welding methods, tungsten arc welding has the following advantages:
① Stable welding process The argon arc combustion is very stable, and the tungsten rod does not melt during the welding process, and there are relatively few interference factors for the arc length change, so the welding process is very stable.
② Good welding quality Argon is an inert gas, it is neither soluble in liquid metal nor any chemical reaction with metal; moreover, argon is easy to form a good gas barrier, which effectively prevents oxygen and nitrogen from invading the weld. metal.
③ Wide application area It can weld almost all metals and alloys, and is suitable for welding in various positions.
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