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Features of Flux Cored Wire

Comparison of flux cored wire and manual electrode
Flux-cored welding wire has fast melting speed, high deposition efficiency, beautiful welding seam shape, convenient welding operation, continuous welding, welding efficiency is 3 to 5 times higher than manual welding rod, welding cost is 30 to 70% lower than welding rod, and flux cored welding wire is used instead Manual welding rod is an effective way to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
Flux-cored wire also has lower requirements on welding operation skills than manual electrode, and the equipment only needs ordinary CO2 welding machine. Currently, CARBON dioxide gas welding has been very popular. From the perspective of equipment universality and welder recruitment and training, it is convenient, effective and feasible to replace manual electrode with medicated cored wire.
Kewell's flux-cored welding wire is vacuum-sealed, and the temperature and humidity requirements for welding material storage and welding material warehouse are much looser than manual welding rods. Flux cored welding wire can replace manual welding rods, which can greatly reduce the storage and drying equipment and The cost of man-hours, as well as the problems and risks caused by the moisture absorption of the electrode.
Flux-cored welding wire is protected by slag gas, which has better protection effect than welding rods, and the shape and color of stainless steel welds are also better than manual welding rods. Stainless steel electrodes cannot be welded continuously, and the welded joints are uneven and prone to crater cracks and slag inclusion. It is much better to use stainless steel flux-cored welding wire.

Flux Cored Wire

Comparison of flux cored wire and solid wire
Compared with solid wire, flux-cored wire has stable arc, less spatter, beautiful shape, excellent all-position welding performance, fast melting speed, high welding machine efficiency and low cost. The surface of solid wire is plated with copper. With the strengthening of environmental governance in recent years, the cost and price of solid wire have gradually increased, while the price of flux-cored wire has dropped a lot in recent years. Flux-cored wire or metal powder-cored wire is used instead of solid wire. The cost advantage is more obvious.
The gas shielded welding of stainless steel solid core wire requires pulse welding machine and mixed gas. There are special stations. Special pulse welding machines and automatic welding with special displacement devices are more suitable. Most welding workshops and workstations need to weld both stainless steel and carbon steel. There are only ordinary gas shielded welders with various welding positions, so stainless steel flux-cored welding wire is more suitable.
High-strength steel metal powder-cored welding wire has the advantages of flux-cored wire, stable arc, beautiful shape, high welding efficiency, and the advantages of solid-cored wire. It has less welding slag and less smoke and dust. It is suitable for automatic continuous welding and robotic welding. It can be used in many occasions. Metal powder cored wire instead of solid wire is to improve efficiency and reduce costs.
For some varieties with special composition and small quantity, if solid cored welding wire is used, steel smelting welding wire factory drawing, high cost and long delivery time, some varieties are not easy to draw, it is better to use flux-cored welding wire or metal powder-cored welding wire The solution to this problem can meet the needs of small batches of special varieties through proper adjustment of the powder or metal powder formula.
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