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The Arc Instability of The Plasma Cutting Machine

When the plasma cutting machine is running, there may be an unstable arc phenomenon, so we need to find out the cause and solve it.

1.Air pressure is too high. We can check the air compressor pressure is adjusted properly, air compressor and air filter pressure regulator valve is out of tune.
2.Air pressure is too low, when the plasma cutting machine is working, if the working pressure is much lower than the pressure required by the manual, it means that the jetting speed of the plasma arc is weakened and the input air flow rate is less than the specified value. At this point can not form a high-energy, high-speed plasma arc, resulting in poor quality of the incision.
3.Input AC voltage is too low, there are large-scale power facilities on the site,  cutting machine main circuit components inside the fault, which will make the input AC voltage is too low.
4.Welding torch nozzle and electrode are burned, due to improper installation of the nozzle, such as the thread is not tight, the equipment of the gears to adjust properly, need to use water cooling torch. 

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