Tungsten Electrode Grinder

The Tungsten Electrode Grinder is an easier, safer and more accurate way to grind diamonds than other methods of grinding tungsten electrodes and preparing tungsten. Choose the perfect tungsten grinder and tungsten grinder by hand for all your welding needs.

If you as a user only use a standard bench grinder, you may be exposed to the radioactive thorium elements contained in most electrodes, so a tungsten grinder is a must for any company that performs TIG welding. Modern shops should use a dedicated tungsten grinder/grinder to protect employees from thorium and other harmful substances in welding electrodes.


Fast, consistent electrode preparation for better weld quality - you can easily add electrode tip flats to extend tip life and greatly reduce weld contamination. As a result, your store will become cleaner, safer and more efficient.

Less waste - you get more out of each welded electrode

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