Shijiazhuang Everlight Trade Co.,Ltd.

As a manufacturer of side view welding helmets, we are proud to introduce our latest model, which surpasses our competitor's offering in terms of both functionality and convenience.

Our side view welding helmet is designed to provide a clear and unobstructed view of the work area, allowing welders to maintain a high level of precision and accuracy during their work. The helmet features a panoramic viewing area that offers a true 180-degree field of vision, providing unparalleled visibility and eliminating blind spots.

In addition to its wide viewing area, our helmet comes equipped with four independent ARC sensors, each of which is equipped with adjustable sensitivity and delay controls. This ensures that the helmet is able to accurately detect the presence of an arc and quickly respond, ensuring maximum safety and minimizing the risk of eye damage.

The main viewing area of our helmet is capable of being dimmed from shade 3 to 12 and features optical clarity rated at 1/1/1/2. This means that welders are able to work with greater clarity and precision, even in low-light conditions or when working with particularly bright or intense welding arcs.

Our helmet also features a lens that auto-darkens in just 1/10,000th of a second, ensuring that welders are protected from harmful UV and IR radiation as soon as an arc is detected. Additionally, our helmet features an extended throat guard for added protection, as well as a grind mode that allows for easy switching between welding and grinding modes.

Finally, our helmet features True Color Technology, which allows for a color-realistic perception of the work area, enabling welders to better judge the quality and integrity of their welds. The helmet also has a truly auto-dimming feature across all three filters, further enhancing its ease of use and convenience.

Overall, our side-view welding helmet represents the pinnacle of modern welding technology, providing unparalleled visibility, safety, and convenience for welders of all skill levels.

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