Gouging Torch

Gouging Torches and Carbon Gouging Rods

Gouging Torches

The torch is used to mix oxygen and acetylene in proportion to each other to form a preheated flame and to spray high pressure pure oxygen onto the workpiece to be cut, causing the metal to be cut to burn in the oxygen jet, which blows away the slag (oxide) generated by the burning and forms the cut. The torch is the main tool for gas cutting workpieces

How to use a Gouging Torch

The torch should be checked for tightness of the connections and valves before ignition. New welding torches and jet suction torches should also be checked for their suction capacity. 2 Welding torches and cutting torches should be lit with the acetylene valve open first and the oxygen valve open later; the mouth hole should not be facing people. 3 When the torch or torch nozzle is overheated due to continuous work, it should be cooled by water; if the torch or torch is blocked, it should be discontinued and only be used after it has been removed. 4 It is strictly forbidden to hang a lit torch or cutting torch on the workpiece or place it on the ground. 5 Do not use the torch or cutting torch for lighting purposes; it is strictly forbidden to use oxygen to blow the clothing. 6 Isobaric torches should use acetylene gas supplied by medium pressure acetylene generators or acetylene cylinders. 7 Gas welding and gas cutting operators should wear protective glasses. When using a mobile semi-automatic gas cutting machine or a fixed automatic gas cutting machine, the operator should wear insulated shoes and have measures to prevent electric shock. 8 Gas cutting should prevent the cut parts from tipping and falling. When gas cutting is carried out too close to the concrete floor (or components) or in a concentrated manner, insulation measures should be taken. 9 After the welding and cutting work is finished, the gas supply valve of oxygen and acetylene gas should be closed and the welding (cutting) torch should be removed. Do not leave the workplace by simply closing the valve of the welding (cutting) torch or by bending the gas hose. Do not put gas hoses, torches or cutting torches into pipes, containers, tanks or toolboxes without removing them from the gas supply valve.

gouging carbon rod

A high grade, all purpose copperclad pointed gouging electrode, It's controlled copper coating improves electrical conductivity (for more efficient, cooler operation) and helps maintain electrode diameter at the point of the arc.

Gouging carbons consist of a carbon rod with a copper coating and are used for cutting, gouging and removing weld defects by the air carbon arc process.

These pointed gouging carbon rods are 305mm long and available in 5, 6.4, 8, 10 and 13mm diameter.

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