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Welding Consumables

Welding is the process of joining metal and thermoplastic by means of cohesion. It is an economical and efficient process used to create a strong joint between two or more parts. The filler metal melts during the welding process to create a strong joint. Flux is typically used to create a protective layer of gas around the weld pool to prevent oxidation of the hot metal. Flux is usually used as a deoxidizer to prevent the formation of porosity in the weld pool. Fluxes and filler metals together are called welding consumables.

Stick electrodes, MIG wire, submerged arc, flux cored wire, copper alloy and flux are some of the welding consumables used in the welding process. however, flux does not form part of the final weld and is, therefore "wasted" in the welding process.

Welding is used in many industries such as building and construction, automotive and transportation, marine, power generation, and oil and gas. The global welding consumables market is expected to witness high growth due to promising end-use industries such as automotive and transportation, marine, and construction.

Types of welding consumables include

Rod electrodes

Flux-cored wires.


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