Shijiazhuang Everlight Trade Co.,Ltd.

Everlight is dedicated to providing ultimate hand protection and comfort through a unique approach to the quality of its welding gloves. Our commitment extends beyond arc welding gloves and industrial gloves; we design, manufacture, and rigorously test all our gloves to ensure the highest quality, unparalleled comfort, and maximum workplace safety for welders.

Our leather welding gloves are tailored specifically for the welding industry, catering mainly to professional welders. Our product range is extensive, including Leather Rod Welding Gloves, MIG Welding Gloves (Metal Inert Gas), TIG Welding Gloves (Tungsten Inert Gas), Winter Gloves, Work Gloves, and Driver's Gloves.

We utilize top-quality leather to enhance the durability of our gloves' edges, ensuring optimal performance. Our goal is to establish Everlight as the trusted manufacturer for professional welders' gloves and all other personal protective equipment (PPE) needs.

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