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Digital Welding Helmet, Digital Welding Helmet For Sale

The most commonly used work helmets are the digital welding helmet series of helmets. These helmets combine the comfort and durability that all welders deserve and desire. digital welding helmet from Shijiazhuang Everlight allows them to have the most productive workday possible without sacrificing their individuality, offering a variety of styles and graphics for each helmet.

Features of the digital welding helmet

Adjustments are easy and controlled underneath the face shield lens. This feature allows each welder to fully control and adjust the shade, arc sensitivity and dimming time to create their own unique settings.

Three sensors along the edge of the lens provide easy access to these custom settings. With the flick of a switch, welders can switch from welding to grinding and back again without having to wear a different mask, saving time and money.

The masks are powered by a single battery and are rated to last up to 2,000 hours, thanks to their patented solar assist and automatic on/off technology to extend battery life. In case of lens damage, the helmet comes with a quick-release assembly that allows for quick and easy lens replacement.

The helmet also has a built-in magnifying glass holder that can hold magnifying glasses of various sizes.

Shijiazhuang Everlight's digital welding helmet focuses on the field of view, color and light transmission for professional welding helmets. It offers the industry's largest field of view and excellent color transmission. This makes it one of the more useful welding helmets for professionals. Buy digital welding helmets online.

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