Tungsten Grinder by Hand

tungsten grinder for sale

Help your tungsten electrodes to last longer and grab a tungsten grinder. This is a must-have in every serious TIG welder's shop.

You are investing in a quality product that will deliver years of service. Each tungsten grinder is built to demanding specifications, welcome contact us!

Model: HBGM001

Machine size: 340x76x76mm

Machine weight: 1.6kg

Grinding disc size:33.5x5x2.3mm

Grinding disc rotational speed:11000r/min(6 speed adjustable)

It can grind Tungsten Electrode dia. 1.0,1.6,2.0,2.4,3.2,4.0mm

It can grind the shortness length 30mm.

The grinding angle: 15°, 18°,22.5°,30°

Voltage: 220V-230V


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