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Tungsten Grinder
Product Description


    Tungsten Grinder


    with CE Certificate

    Portable and smart flexible

    Suitable for any grinding angles

    Suitable for any electrode dia.

    Meet the ergonomics design

    Unique fixture design, holding steady

    Work-life is long

    Low cost, high output, energy saving and consumption reducing lower noise

    No need for manual positioning several times to improve grinding efficiency

Technical parameters

The dia. of the Tungsten Electrode: 1.6-5.0mm

Mini. length: 40mm

Adjusting range of Grinding angle: 0°-60°

The power supply:220V

Power: 60W

The dia. of grind segment:90mm

Minimum length:40mm

Rotational speed: 5000r/min

Working speed: 2pcs/minute

Net weight: 4kg

Size: 230x160x180mm

Why should I buy Tungsten Grinder? It saves time for customers, the concentricity is superior.

How to use

We have a video to show it. Simple to operate.

The grinded effect is as follows:


Cautions for use

To control the tungsten electrodes down toward speed. Except for Grinding, other operations will be under a switch-off state, it is to protect the motor.

Components to supply




Grinding Wheel

Drill Chuck



Main market: South East Asia, Europe

We will supply as customer with local plug and power.