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Factors That Affect The Normal Use of The Grinding Wheel

What are the precautions for using the grinding wheel for the best grinding performance?

The speed of the wheel
The maximum working speed is specified on the label of the grinding wheel, and it is necessary to check whether the speed of the machine spindle is within the linear speed range of the grinding wheel before use. Sometimes only check the machine's motor speed is not enough, but also to calculate the speed of the belt.
Operation of the normative
The operator sometimes does not follow the process requirements. So that the wheel is difficult to work properly, the workpiece is likely to cause burns, and some burn the surface does not show blue burns traces, but in fact the hardness of the workpiece has been down, the quality of the workpiece a great impact.
Diamond dresser
Diamond pen and the grinding wheel of the normal line to have a 15 ° angle, the pen can turn a few faces to a long time to keep sharp, if the diamond pen after the blunt do not check the replacement, still continue to dress the wheel, and know its grinding quality is not good.
Grinding machine maintenance work
In accordance with safety maintenance requirements, the machine needs to be regularly repaired.
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