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Electrode Arc Welding Precautions

When electrode carry out arc welding operation, must pay attention to safety.

First, prevent electric shock

Grid voltage and welding output voltage and the voltage of portable lamps will be danger of electric shock. Therefore, it is necessary to take measures to prevent electric shock. Cables and welding clamp insulation need ensure good, if damaged, to be repaired. When arc welding, workers should wear insulated shoes and welding gloves.

Second, prevent arc radiation

welding arc and UV damaged the eye and skin, When arc welding, we should wear welding helmet and welding clothes. Multiplayer welding operations avoid mutual influence, we should set the arc shield, or take other measures to avoid cross-impact arc radiation.

Third, prevent fires

Within welding operations ignition source 10m, in the bottom of aerial work and within the reach of welding mars, should completely remove sawdust, oil, gasoline and other flammable materials. If can not evacuate flammable liquids, we should adopt reliable safety measures, such as covering wet sacks.

Fourth, prevent the explosion

Within the welding operation point l0m, may not have explosive materials, welding job is strictly prohibited in indoor explosive gas mixture. Without special measures, it not be allowed to weld at the pressure vessel and pipe.

Fifth, prevent toxic gases and toxic fumes

Arc welding will produce hydrogen fluoride, manganese, nitrogen oxides and other toxic gases, which will lead to fluorosis, manganese poisoning and pneumoconiosis, especially alkaline electrode in the container and the internal pipeline. Therefore, according to the specific circumstances to take measures, such as Full ventilation, local exhaust ventilation.

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