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Manual Welding Method

Manual welding is generally carried out in four steps. 

1. Preparation of welding: clean the the dust and oil on the welding element, the soldering iron can be touched by the welding parts of the solder, so that the tip of the soldering iron head to the other parts. When welding new components, the lead wire of the components should be tinned.
2. Heating welding: will be stained with a little solder welding machine contact with the welding device for about a few seconds. If you want to remove the components on the printed board, then the tip to be heated, hand or tweezers gently pull the components to see if you can remove.
3. Clean up the welding surface: If the solder parts of the solder too much, you can get off the soldering iron on the soldering iron head. If the solder solder is too small, not smooth, you can use the tip of the "dip" some solder on the solder joints for welding.
4. Check the solder joints: see the solder joints are rounded, bright, solid, and whether there is the phenomenon of welding with the surrounding components.
At work, be sure to protect yourself, we can wear auto-darkening welding helmet, and welding gloves and other welding protective clothing
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