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The Conductive Nozzle of Welding Torch

Inside the torch is equipped with a conductive nozzle, there is a welding area to the transmission of protective gas channels and nozzles. The nozzle and the tip can be easily replaced as needed. In addition, the welding current through the contactor and other components generated when the resistance heat and arc radiant heat together, will make the welding torch fever, it is necessary to take some measures to cool the welding gun. Cooling methods are air cooling, internal circulating water cooling, or a combination of two ways.

For air-cooled torches, up to 600A of current can be used at intermittent loads during CO2 gas shielded welding. However, when using argon or helium shielded welding, it is usually limited to 200A current. For the melting of the polar active gas welding also need to install the gas mixing device, the first gas mixture evenly, and then into the welding gun.
Air-cooled Torch
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