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Introduction of China Gas Cutting Machine

Flame cutting machine is a kind of cutting equipment which uses gas or oxygen or gasoline and oxygen to cut metal material. It is mainly used in heavy industry.

Portable Flame Cutting Machine

Mainly divided into the manual cutting (commonly known as oxygen gas) and semi automatic cutting machine, copying cutting machine and CNC cutting machine. With the progress of society and development of science and technology, it become more and more advanced, cutting function has more power. General model structure mainly are: manual, copying cutting machine, portable flame cutting machine, cantilever Longmen CNC cutting machine, CNC plasma cutting machine, the structure can be used for flame cutting cutting. According to metal materials and cutting thickness of metal, from the process perspective, generally more than 5mm carbon is recommended for flame cutting. Because the plate is very small. The thermal deformation of stainless steel and non-ferrous metal can not use flame cutting, because the stainless steel in the heated surface to produce a high density oxidation layer. It can prevent heat transfer downward, thus affecting the sheet fuse. The heat dissipation capability of non-ferrous metals such as copper and aluminum is very strong, lead to cut the rapid heat dissipation and affect the sheet fuse.

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