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Safety Rules for TIG Welding

1.welding workplace must be equipped with fire protection equipment, such as sand boxes, fire extinguishers, fire hydrants, buckets and so on. Flammable materials shall not be less than 5 m from the welding site. Explosive items shall not be less than 10m from welding. TIG welding workplace should have good natural ventilation and fixed mechanical ventilation device, to reduce the harmful gas and metal dust pollution.

2.manual TIG welding machine should be placed in dry and ventilated place, in accordance with the operating instructions. 
3.should always check the TIG welding water cooling system work, found that clogging or leakage should be immediately resolved, prevent the burning torch and affect the welding quality.
4.During TIG welding, the UV intensity is very strong, therefore, the welder should wear welding clothes, wear masks, and welding gloves, foot cover and so on. In order to prevent electric shock, should be in the vicinity of the workplace covered with insulating rubber, the staff should wear insulated shoes.
5.When the welding personnel leave the workplace or the welder stop, the power supply must be switched off.
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