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Plasma Cutter Tips

 1) When Studying plasma cutter working principle, Then You May Want to Use a few tips to make the process Quicker, easier, and more enjoyable

2) Match the tip to the amperage settings. Lower-amp tip has a smaller opening and maintains a narrower stream at a lower setting. A 40-amp tip used with an 80-amp setting will result in the opening distortion and reduce the life expectancy of the equipment
3) The quicker the traveling rate, the cleaner the cut is. Whenever you're handling a thicker alloy, utilize the entire output and change the traveling rate. When You're working using a thinner alloy, decrease the amperage and utilize a lower-amp Suggestion to maintain a narrow cut
4) The arc must depart the alloy in a 15- to 20-degree angle contrary to the traveling management. If the arc is moving down, you're working too slowly. When it pushes back, You're working too quickly
5) When you're marking the alloy for cuts, use a black mark or some piece of chalk. These colours make it easier to differentiate the markings when trimming
By following the above information, it is possible to find out plasma cutting machine functioning principle. Do not neglect to read the guide and keep in mind the security comes first. Fantastic luck!
plasma cutter working principle
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