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What tool materials are there for grinding?

Grinding tools and grinding agents:

1 Abrasives: Abrasives include abrasives, abrasives, and auxiliary materials.

Abrasives should have high hardness and high wear resistance; abrasive grains should have appropriate sharpness, and can still maintain a certain edge after crushing in processing; the size of abrasive grains should be roughly similar, so that the work can be as uniform as possible. Abrasive grain. The polishing slurry causes the abrasive particles to spread evenly on the surface of the lap, and is subjected to a part of the grinding pressure to reduce the breakage of the abrasive grains, and has both cooling and lubricating effects. Commonly used grinding fluids are kerosene, gasoline, engine oil, animal fats and the like.

The auxiliary material auxiliary material can destroy the oxide film on the surface of the workpiece and increase the grinding efficiency.

2 Grinding tool: The grinding tool is referred to as a lapper, and its function is to make the abrasive temporarily fix or obtain a certain grinding motion, and transfer its own geometry to the workpiece in a certain way. Therefore, the material used to make the lap has appropriate embedding properties for the abrasive, and the geometry of the lap itself should have long-term retention.

Our company provide many abrasive tools,which includes cutting wheels,grinding wheels and so on.

Abrasives tools

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