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Air-Cooled vs. Water-Cooled MIG Gun: What is Ideal for You?(1)

 For a number of businesses, picking between an a water-cooled MIG welding process is fairly cut and dry. Mobile manufacturing and repair businesses that weld sheet steel for just a couple of minutes each hour may have little demand for the benefits offered with a water-cooled system. Likewise, stores with static gear that weld in 800 amps likely will not have the ability to discover an air-cooled system which could manage the heat of this program.

However, for many businesses, however, it is not such a simple choice. Every Kind of cooling system has advantages and disadvantages, and deciding which is Ideal for your organization requires a careful evaluation of the following variables:
Amperage demands
Work website location
Duty cycle
Torch weight and operator comfort
The first thing
Maintaining MIG welding gear cool is crucial to guard the power cable, gun and consumables from harm as a result of radiant heat in the arc and also the searing heat from the electric parts in the welding circuit. Additionally, it protects the operator from heat-related traumas and supplies more comfortable working conditions.
A water-cooled MIG welding machine pumps a heating system from a radiator device, usually integrated indoors or close to the energy supply, through cooling ducts within the electricity cable and to the gun handle, neck and consumables. The coolant contributes to the radiator in which the radiator's baffling system releases the warmth absorbed by the coolant. The ambient atmosphere and protecting gas farther protects the heat from the welding arc. Air-cooled systems utilize considerably thicker copper cabling compared to water-cooled systems, which permits the cable to move the power into the gun without consuming excessive heat from electric resistance. By comparison, water-cooled systems utilize comparatively small aluminum in their electricity cables since the heating system carries off the resistive heat until it builds up and damages the gear.
Amperage Prerequisites
The welding amperage is going to be a significant aspect to consider when deciding between an atmosphere - or - water-cooled system. Generally, air-cooled systems are far better for non amperages and water-cooled systems are far better for high-amperage applications. These evaluations represent the present loads under that the firearms gotten so hot that they're uncomfortable for the ordinary owner to hold. Because guns are seldom utilized to the constraints of the duty cycle, it is frequently a fantastic idea to obtain a gun that is rated into some lower amperage than the max to which it'll be exposed. By way of instance, a 300-amp gun may manage over 400 amps and it's considerably lighter and more maneuverable than the usual 400-amp gun.
Duty Cycle
Closely associated with some gun's amperage capability is its duty cycle -- that the quantity of time throughout a 10-minute cycle the rifle may operate at its rated capacity without getting uncomfortably hot. Exceeding a gun's duty cycle may result in operator pain and can also lessen weld quality and reduce the service life of their rifle and consumables.
There's not any industry standard for establishing amperage ratings based on duty cycle, two firearms both rated to 400 amps might possess substantially different duty cycles. This makes it important for your client to take into account a gun's amperage rating and duty cycle collectively so as to make a precise evaluation of their MIG gun's capacities.
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