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Cutting Security Operation Precautions

(1) fire cutting is using combustible gases (CH4, C3H8) from the pure oxygen combustion, create the metal below the act of high temperature get to the ignition point, and with the assistance of intense combustion gas, also beneath the impact of air blowing from slag, which is going to be a sort of alloy separation processing process.

(2) gas used in flame cutting is: oxygen,C3H8, natural gas
1. The major composition is methane, gasoline staple doesn't include sulfur, colorless, odorless, nontoxic, non-corrosive, safe, high calorific value, and also the benefits of clean and broad program, has turned into a industrial businesses of several developed nations will select gas resource.
2. Based on the in depth analysis of the usage effect, price and gas supply, C3H8 is the perfect replacement gas for acetylene. Right now, the usage of C3H8 is your most utilized in most acetylene gas. Industrial developed nations already utilize propane (C3H8) that this sort of high quality and inexpensive gasoline for flame cuttingedge.
3. Oxygen is a colorless, nontoxic and nontoxic gas at the conventional condition, using a molecular formula of O2, using a density of 1.43kg/m3, which can be marginally thicker than air (atmosphere density is 1.29kg/m3); In -183, oxygen becomes a light blue liquid; in -219, it's condensed to a blue, snowy solid. Oxygen can't burn , it's a lively combustion gasoline, it's a strong oxidant, also it could be combined with combustible gasoline to create high temperature fire. Increasing the temperature and pressure of oxygen increases the response considerably. After the compression of the gaseous oxygen along with nice spread in mineral oil, oil spontaneous, contact with combustible material can usually be burning off or the origin of the burst, and the flame is extremely ferocious, spread rapidly, as well as using fire equipment also without assistance. Compressed oxygen abruptly gives off warmth and friction heating and metal solid contaminants, together with the crash of oxygen flow using higher speed from the pipe heat and electrostatic sparks etc., are more most likely to be burning burst initial facets, so in using oxygen, particularly beneath the compression condition, should always take care to not create them touch with combustible material stage.
(3) gasoline cutting equipment: such as oxygen , C3H8 cylinder, Cutting Kit, decompression table.
Larger Mars, molten droplets and slag could fly as many as five meters apart from the working point, causing fires and explosions if flammable and volatile things are ignited. On high ground, there are also combustible items that fall and drop on the floor. Flammable items have to be stored away from the surgery site during prep to stop danger.
The cutting edge nozzle operates by opening the preheating oxygen slightly, then launching the acetylene regulator and shooting instantly. Stay up cutting area is invisibly into the ignition stage, instantly open cutting oxygen the metallic flow in oxygen, and the oxygen flow will slot in slag blow off, transferring welding torch, form a slot around the workpiece.
Spray welding torch utilizing oxygen acetylene oxygen liquefied petroleum gas (or) warmed to melt state mind on the two ends of this fire is going to be fortified, attachments using melt , welding torch end is convex, then strain extrusion melting alloy, create the good bar link. The welding torch is acceptable for transverse welding, both vertical and also additional directional reinforcement, along with the diameter of welding pub is 12-38mm.
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