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Three Ways Welding Guns and Consumables Can Improve Productivity

 In the power supply to the welding cable, each one of the elements within an arc welding procedure may have a substantial affect on productivity. The Welding Gun and consumables -- nozzles, contact tips and diffusers -- specifically, are often an overlooked facet of the entire procedure, but these elements directly have an effect on quality, welder comfort, rework, downtime and much more.

Having nozzles that offer consistent shielding gas protection is crucial to preventing flaws such as porosity. Here, Brooklyn Iron Works welding proprietor, Brian Hubbard, utilizes Centerfire consumables on the 400-amp Q-Gun to finish welds on a present structural steel bridge project.
Gaining better joint accessibility and gasoline protection.
Decreasing time spent altering contact tips.
Growing arc-on time through enhanced operator comfort
Electrode Holder, Earth Clamp is also available.
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