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Are You Looking For Electrode Holder?

These totally insulated Electrode Holder is designed to withstand adverse welding conditions like boat building, manufacture, structure and dockyard. The Welding Holder also find application in welding of included ailments including vessels. Special ergonomic layouts make the holder secure and comfortable for more welding hours. These designs assist in providing simple and efficient connection of cable . The usage of non ferrous metallic alloy because of its manufacturing jaws guarantees transmission of 100% present to the electrode.

Our Welding Electrodes are used for interfacing various neurophysiological recording electrodes to suitable corresponding headstages of extracellular AC/DC pre-amplifier, intracellular electrometer, intracellular low cost electrometer, and oocyte clamp amplifier. They are machined from high-quality acrylic, then annealed and vapor polished. A variety of styles and sizes are available including:

fitting to capillary glass size of 1.0, 1.2, 1.5, or 2.0 mm outer diameter

for use with Ag/AgCl pellet and Ag wire electrodes

having a straight or 45° body

having a 2 mm pin or jack connector

having a port (allows application of pressure/suction) or a vent (allows equalization of internal pressure)

Electrode Holder

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