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How To Properly Maintain Your Arc Welding Electrodes ?

 Arc welding expects that the welder utilize Welding Electrodes that have cable inside them, meaning they will need to become properly preserved and saved in the right method. The wires found in the Welding Rod contain various sizes and materials, to distinguish between different kinds of electrodes they're coded utilizing a numbering system that allows the welder to be aware of what the attributes of the electrode are.

When storing electrodes it is recommended that they be stored in a dry location and in their original box.  If welding electrodes are not properly stored they can absorb moisture on the flux which can cause bubbles to develop in the weld. These small bubbles that may develop can cause the weld to become porous and weak which can then lead to cracks and an overall defective weld. To avoid welding defects from occurring it is highly recommended that all welding electrodes be stored in a dry place.  Welding Kit Manufacturers also suggest that welding electrodes be used before they become too old.  An old electrode can become coated with efflorescence which lets you know that it is time to use that particular electrode.

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