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The Factors For Selecting The Right Stick Electrode

 Stick welding is an ability that requires much practice to learn, and picking out the suitable Welding Electrodes for the occupation could be both hard.

Stick electrodes are available in a wide range of types, each of which provides different mechanical properties and operates with a specific type of welding power source. Factors you should consider when selecting a stick electrode include base metal type, joint fit-up and welding positions. Before you power up your machine and pick up your Electrode Holder, consider these basic guidelines.

Stick Electrode

The first step in choosing an electrode is to determine your base metal composition. Your goal is to match (or closely match) the electrode composition to the base metal type, which will help ensure a strong weld.

To prevent cracking or other weld discontinuities, match the minimum tensile strength of the electrode to the tensile strength of the base metal. You can identify a stick electrode’s tensile strength by referring to the first two digits of the AWS classification printed on the side of the Stick Electrode. For example, the number “60” on an E6011 electrode indicates that the filler metal produces a weld bead with a minimum tensile strength of 60,000 psi and, as a result, would work well with a steel of similar tensile strength.

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