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How To Select the Right Stick Electrode?

 Stick welding requires a great deal of practice to master, and selecting the right electrode for your job could be challenging.

There are a vast selection of Stick Electrodes accessible, each supply different mechanical properties and operates with a particular sort of welding power supply. When choosing a rod electrode, think about the base metal kind, combined fit-up and welding places. Before beginning welding the under guidelines must be considered.

Step one - determine your base metal composition. Your goal is to match (or closely match) the electrode composition to the base metal type, this will help ensure a strong weld.

Stick Electrodes

Stick Electrodes Exporter tell you If you’re working with a broken part or component, check for a coarse and grainy internal surface, which usually means the base material is a cast metal.
If the base metal is magnetic, there’s a good chance that the base metal is carbon steel or alloy steel. If the base metal is not magnetic, the material could be manganese steel, 300 series austenitic stainless steel or a non-ferrous alloy such as aluminium, brass, copper or titanium.

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