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Welding Torch Introduction

As a Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer, let's summarize the characteristics of the torch.
The welding torch refers to the part that performs the welding operation during the welding process. It is a tool for gas welding. It is shaped like a gun, has a nozzle at the front end, and emits a high temperature flame as a heat source. It is flexible, convenient, and simple in process.
Water-cooled Welding Torch
The welding torch is one of the main equipment for hot air welding. It consists of a heating element, a nozzle, and the like. According to its structure, there are gas welding guns, welding torches, quick welding guns, and automatic welding guns. The gas torch is a combustion of a combustible gas (hydrogen or a mixture of acetylene and air) to heat the coil so that the compressed air fed into the coil is heated to the desired temperature. The amount of air fed in or sent out is regulated by a cock. The heating device of the welding torch is composed of a ceramic tube and a heating wire therein. The speed of welding can vary from nozzle to nozzle. The quick welding torch is made up of the structure of the welding torch nozzle.
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