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How To Use The Plasma Cutting Machine Correctly? 2

As one of the Gas Cutting Machine Manufacturers, we continue to share with you the proper use of Panasonic Plasma Cutter.
6. Cutting should start from the edge
Cut as much as possible from the edge, not perforated cuts. Using the edge as a starting point will extend the life of the consumable. The correct way is to align the nozzle directly to the edge of the workpiece before starting the plasma arc.
7. Avoid plasma arc elongation extension
If the plasma arc is only elongated to reach the surface of the workpiece, the plasma arc will produce this stretching and expansion at the beginning and end of the cut, which will cause abnormal nozzle damage. This problem can be avoided by using the correct edge starting technique and choosing the appropriate "broken arc" signal time.
Panasonic Plasma Cutter
8. Reduce unnecessary "arcing (or arcing)" time
The nozzle and electrode are consumed very quickly during arcing, and the torch should be placed within the cutting metal travel distance before starting.
9. Apply anti-splash chemical coating on the protective shell
Splash-proof chemical coatings help reduce slag build-up on the protective case of Panasonic Plasma Cutter. However, it is necessary to remove the protective cover from the torch before applying the splash-proof paint.
10. Remove the slag from the protective shell
The slag on the torch guard should be removed frequently, otherwise the slag will cause a destructive heavy plasma arc.
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