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How To Compare Plasma Cutting And Flame Gas Cutting?

As a Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer, let's share with you a comparison of plasma cutting and flame gas cutting.
Plasma cutting can only be effective on metals that can act as conductors—low carbon steel, aluminum and stainless steel are typical examples. When cutting low carbon steel, the operator will experience higher speed and deeper cutting results.
Plasma Cutting Torch
Flame gas cutting is cut by burning high temperatures or by oxidizing the metal. Therefore, the scope of its application has been limited to steels such as ferrous metals that can be treated using oxidation techniques. Metals such as aluminum and stainless steel form oxides that constrain further oxidation. This makes it impossible to process this type of material by conventional flame gas cutting. Plasma cutting is not resistant to oxidation, so it can effectively cut aluminum, steel, and other conductive metals.
And different types of gases can be used for plasma cutting, and most people currently use compressed air for plasma cutting.
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