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How To Extend The Service Life Of Plasma Cutting Machine Consumables?

Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer to share with you how to extend the life of plasma cutting machine consumables.
1. Ensure the correct pressure and flow of the plasma
The correct air pressure and flow of the plasma is very important to the life of the consumable. If the air pressure is too high, the life of the electrode will be greatly reduced; if the air pressure is too low, the life of the nozzle will be affected. Refer to the instruction manual of the plasma cutting machine for setting.
2. Use reasonable cutting distance
The cutting distance is the distance between the cutting nozzle and the surface of the workpiece. This distance is kept as constant as possible, generally around 3-8MM. Too far away, not only the power consumption is too large, but the cutting penetration ability will decrease, and the electrode is relatively consumed, so that the electrode is used. The life is reduced; it is much simpler, it is very simple, the nozzle is very expensive, the service life of the nozzle will be doubled, even if it is installed, it will be burned off; when piercing, try to use the distance of 2 times the normal cutting distance or use the plasma arc The maximum height that can be delivered.
Plasma ARC Welding Torch
3. Perforation thickness and cutting thickness should be within the allowable range of the machine system
Plasma ARC Welding Torch cannot be perforated on steel plates that exceed the working thickness. The usual perforation thickness is 1/2 of the normal cut thickness. Try to cut within the normal cutting thickness range of the plasma cutting machine, and try not to cut at the extreme cutting thickness.
4. Do not overload the nozzle
Overloading the nozzle (ie, exceeding the operating current of the nozzle) will cause the nozzle to be damaged quickly. The current intensity should be 95% of the operating current of the nozzle.
5. Keep the plasma gas dry and clean
Plasma systems require dry and clean plasma gases to function properly. Dirty gases are often a problem with gas compression systems, which can shorten the life of consumables and cause abnormal damage. The method of testing the quality of the gas is to set the torch in the test state, and place a mirror underneath it, consuming the gas in the torch. If moisture and fog appear on the mirror, you need to find out the cause.
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