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How to Adjust the Height of the Plasma Torch Cutter Nozzle?

The difference between a plasma CNC cutting machine and a flame cutting machine is that the plasma cutting machine performs the control cutting by voltage arcing. The nozzle height adjustment of the plasma cutting torch directly relates to the processing effect of the workpiece. The diameter of the Plasma Cutting Torch is usually Refers to the distance between the end face of the nozzle and the cutting surface, which forms part of the entire arc length.

Since plasma arc cutting generally uses a power source with constant current or steep drop characteristics, the current change is small after the nozzle height is increased, but the arc length is increased and the arc voltage is increased, and the numerical control cutting machine thereby increases the arc power; It also causes the arc length exposed to the environment to grow, and the energy lost by the arc column increases.

 Plasma Cutting Torch
 Plasma Cutting Torch
Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer believes that in the case of a combination of two factors:
1. The former's role is often completely offset by the latter, but the flame cutting opportunity reduces the effective cutting energy, resulting in reduced cutting ability. It is usually manifested that the blowing force of the cutting jet is weakened, the residual slag remaining in the lower portion of the slit is increased, and the upper edge is over-melted and rounded.
2. From the aspect of the plasma jet, the jet diameter is outwardly expanded after leaving the muzzle, and the increase in the height of the cutter nozzle inevitably causes the slit width to increase.
Therefore, the selection of the nozzle height as small as possible is beneficial for improving the cutting speed and the cutting quality, but the nozzle height may be too low to cause a double arc phenomenon. The ceramic outer nozzle can be used to set the nozzle height to zero, that is, the nozzle end surface directly contacts the cut surface, and a good effect can be obtained.
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