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What Are the General Types of Welding Defects?

In general, common defects can be divided into four categories. Specifically by the Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer to share with you:

1. The weld size does not meet the following requirements: if the weld is super high, super wide, too narrow, the height difference is too large, and the weld is not smooth enough when it transitions to the base metal.
2. Welding surface defects: such as undercut, weld, concave, overflow, incomplete penetration, surface porosity, surface cracks, etc.
Plasma Welding Machine
Plasma Welding Machine
3. Internal defects of welds: such as pores, slag inclusions, cracks, unfused, tungsten, and double-sided welding without penetration.
4. The performance of welded joints does not meet the requirements: such as due to overheating, over-burning, etc., resulting in the mechanical properties of the welded joints, as well as the corrosion resistance.
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