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How to Prevent the Electric Welder from Being Burned?

There are a lot of electric welding electromechanical welders who are often burnt by electric welding splashes. So how to prevent welding burns when operating electric welders? China Welding Helmet Supplier shares with you as follows:

First, welders must wear protective overalls, insulated gloves, China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet and insulated shoes. When using high current welding, the welding tongs should be equipped with a protective cover. If the welded part should be covered with asbestos board in time, prevent the foot and body from coming into contact with each other and causing burns.
China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet
China Auto-darkening Welding Helmet
For welding rods that are replaced during high-altitude welding, they should be stacked in a concentrated manner, so do not throw them away to avoid scalding the workers below. Finally, the goggles should be worn when cleaning the welding slag; when the overhead welding or horizontal welding is carried out at high altitude, due to the serious splash of Mars, isolation protection measures should be taken.
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