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World Cleanup Day

World Cleanup Day
The third weekend of September each year is World Cleanup Day, which is now one of the most important environmental protection activities in the world. Every year, more than 40 countries and 40 million people from all over the world participate in this event.
In 1987, the Australian, Mr. Ian Quinan, saw the garbage floating on the sea while driving a single sailboat around the earth, and felt that he had to do something. After returning to Sydney, he launched “Clean Sydney Harbour Day” (1989) with the help of friends. The event convened 4,000 volunteers to clean up used cars, white garbage, glass bottles, cigarette butts and so on. Ian and his committee thought that since a city can act, the whole country can do the same, so the people of the whole country started to work together. Finally, in 1990, 300,000 volunteers participated in the new round of Clean Australia Day. Next, Ian put his eyes on the world again. World Cleanup Day was first held in 1993 after receiving support from the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Since then, World Cleanup Day has become a global community event with more than 35 countries participating in more than 130 countries each year.
As a Plasma ARC Welding Torch Manufacturer, we also set an example and always keep our environment in mind. Adhering to the purpose of World Cleanup Day. We believe that only each of us can start from ourselves, not just on World Cleanup Day, but on every day of our lives. Only then will our planet become more and more clean and beautiful.
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