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Plasma Cutting Machine Dust Removal Method Comparison

When the plasma cutting machine is used, it will form a large number of harmful gases such as smoke due to the fusing of the material surface. Especially when cutting with a CNC plasma cutting machine for materials such as galvanized sheets, the amount of smoke and harmful gases will be larger. In order to reduce the impact of soot, enterprises are equipped with dust removal equipment to filter the flue gas and make the air clean.
Most companies currently use wet dust removal and dry dust removal.
1. Wet dust removal method
With the wet dust removal method, the usual method is to make a water cutting platform before the CNC plasma cutting and place the cut material on the water surface or water in the water tank for cutting.
Although this method can eliminate the harm of harmful and toxic gases to the operator and workshop environment, it will affect the cutting efficiency, that is, the cutting speed will decrease, the auxiliary time of loading and unloading will be longer, and the metal materials such as aluminum and magnesium need to be explosion-proof to prevent the workpiece position from moving, and more importantly, water pollution will also be generated.
2, Dry dust removal method
The dry dust removal method is to add a set of soot trapping device for the CNC cutting platform, and directly transport the collected soot to the soot filter purification equipment, and then discharge after the treatment reaches the standard. The smoke and dust produced by plasma cutting are formed below the workpiece incision, so the suction negative pressure cutting platform has become the most common smoke capture device at present. The dry dust removal method is widely used because of its simple structure, reliable operation, and good dust removal effect.
Compared with the wet type, the dry type is cheaper, and many enterprises choose the dry type with good effect; however, the wet type should be selected according to the materials, and the dry type should be selected for the materials easy to rust.
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