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Composition Of Welding Gun And Precautions For Use

Welding guns exporters introduce you to welding gun knowledge.
The welding gun is made up of a contact tip, a nozzle, a nozzle joint, a gas screen and a wire feed hose.
Contact tip
The contact tip is a component that directly transmits current to the wire. The inner hole of the contact tip is in contact with the wire to conduct electricity, and a shielding gas flows between the outer surface of the contact tip and the inner wall of the nozzle.
Nozzle, nozzle joint and air screen
The contact tip and the nozzle should maintain a good insulation state. The gas screen can make the distribution of the protective gas more uniform and the protection effect is better, and the insulation distance between the contact tip and the nozzle can be increased.
Wire feed hose
The wire feeding hose is wound by 65Mn steel wire, which is responsible for conveying the welding wire from the wire feeder to the welding gun. As a channel for the wire running, it has a great influence on achieving stable and uniform wire feeding and ensuring the stability of the welding arc.

1.Check that the wire feeder is used in conjunction with the specified welding power source and welding gun.
2.Check that the connection between the wire feeder and the welding power source, welding torch and air supply system must be tight and sealed, otherwise the wire feeder may be damaged or the welding process may be unstable.
3.During welding, metal spatter should be avoided from falling on the wire feeder, and the wire feeding wheel and SUS guide cap should be cleaned in time. Serious wear or damage should be replaced in time.
4.The welding gun must be used in conjunction with the specified wire feeder and welding power source.
5.Consumable parts and parts to be replaced should be made of pure parts.
6.Pay attention to the rated load duration of the welding gun when welding.
7.The welding gun must be protected from squeezing, bumping, and strong pulling. It should be placed in a safe position at the end of welding.
8.The joints of the welding gun must be tightened and inspected before each welding.
9.The specifications of the wire feeding tube should be in accordance with the requirements and cleaned regularly.
10.The conductive tip must be the same size as the wire used, and should be replaced in time after wear.
11.Nozzle, nozzle joint, gas screen must be intact, complete, and maintain a good clean, insulation state.
12.The bending radius of the wire cable during welding shall not be less than 300mm.
13.With the anti-blocking agent, the spatter of the nozzle, air screen and conductive nozzle should be cleaned in time.
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